Sunday, November 2, 2008

Preview, development version of "Rosita"

Rosita is an open source tool to practice your vocabulary of a language that you are learning.

It is based on:
1) an input text area where you write down the word you are going to memorize
2) an html/xml parsing engine that tries to looks up the translations of the words on google dictionary, completing the text are with tab separated format word + translation
3) a check box based exercise to play to memorize them.
4) an engine to lookup and visualize related sentences containing the words that you are practicing

The current set of terms can be saved and loaded in xml format (utf-8 encoded).

At a development phase, it supports just russian-english. In the next build I'll include other language pairs. Stay tuned.

A scenario of use of this tool can be the integtration with lingq ( because the new learnig words (lingqs) can be easily exported by copy and paste into the rosita text area.

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